Sarah A. Roe, LCSW - Confidentiality

Confidentiality is the cornerstone that therapy is built upon. I cannot discuss or reveal any information from our sessions without your permission unless there is reason to believe that there is a risk to you or to someone else. That includes even acknowledging that you are my client, which can sometimes produce awkward situations should we meet each other outside of my office. In order to protect your confidentiality, I would follow your lead as far as greetings or introductions, saying nothing unless you spoke first.

If you have been referred to me by another treatment provider or if I refer you to another treatment provider, I will ask that you sign a release of information so that all of the people involved in your treatment can talk to one another and thereby provide you with better care.

If you are using your insurance, I will need you to sign a release for me to talk to your insurance company in order to facilitate payment and authorization of additional sessions.

I use a billing company for all of my billing, Peachtree Professional Services, LLC, which operates under the privacy requirements specified by HIPPA. I will need you to authorize release of all necessary information to them for the purpose of billing your insurance provider.

My office voice mail is private—no one listens to messages other than me—you can leave detailed messages. My outgoing message has my emergency contact number, which is my cell phone. That is also a private line.

I do use email for appointment scheduling and confirmations from time to time; however, because email is not secure, I am very cautious about the material I include.

A copy of my policies and procedures regarding protected health information under HIPPA is available for your inspection at my office. Personal copies are available.