Sarah A. Roe, LCSW - Your First Visit

Before coming for your first visit, please download the forms at the bottom, fill them out and sign them. That way all of our time can be spent talking about you and what brings you to therapy right now. Bring the completed forms and your current insurance card, if you’re planning on using insurance, with you.

Sessions are 45-50 minutes long. The first time we will talk about the symptoms you are experiencing, the context of your life at the present, your fears and concerns, and your hopes for what you’d like to change. That’s a lot; but if we cover it and have remaining time, I will want to begin to hear the story of your life, beginning with your childhood and family.

Most importantly, think about what questions you might have for me so we can talk about those. You may have more questions later — I want you to feel comfortable here so you can do the work that you need to do.


» Client Information Form (PDF, ~100kb)
» Acknowledgement Of Receipt (PDF, ~50kb)